What is UV Dual Strike?:

The UV Dual Strike is a dual air and surface UV-C treatment system designed to kill bacteria and deactivate viruses -  purifying the air, disinfecting the surface, and improving the quality and safety of the environment. The UV Dual Strike is the only machine on the market with a patent pending (Patent Pending 539830686) design that disinfects both air and surface with one machine.   So you are getting one machine without the hassle and expense of two machines.  The UV Dual Strike also comes in 2 standard configurations a 8 lamp unit and a more powerful 16 lamp unit. 

How it operates: 

The UV Dual Strike has three core modes: Auto, Air & Surface.   


Air is directed through the bottom, into the UV Dual Strike Lightning Tunnel, where it is zapped by up to 16 continuously operating UV bulbs. Air exits the unit purified and restored - reducing the transmission of diseases by removing them from the breathing zone.



Our patented method starts with a timer and motion detector allowing for the unit to start after the operator has left the room. The doors will open automatically, to emit a continuous burst of UVC 254 nm germicidal light  onto the surrounding surfaces and in a blast of "lightning" the surfaces are  cleansed, and safe.  Once the cycle is complete the doors will automatically close the and the unit will continue in air mode and the room will be safe to enter.  


How well Does it work:

Independent Lab Testing indicates that our single pass efficiency in air mode is at least 99.9%.


Independent Lab Testing indicates that our surface treatment, used as directed, has an efficiency of at least 99.9%


Our  UV16 Model can process 750 cubic feet per minute of air and 50 ft radius of surface disinfection. with proper placement of the unit, over 1000 sqft room can be disinfected in under 1 hour.


What is different about our unit:

We have a patented  dual strike technology - a two-in-one comprehensive air and surface defense system that is designed to provide our clients with a true solution. (you get two machines in one.    The UV Dual Strike is designed for active operations that need to stay open, that have no choice but to expose workers and customers to risk of transmission such as restaurants, schools, gyms, hotels, casinos, offices, etc. Our mission is to reduce this risk to provide an affordable solution that can help guests feel safe, comfortable, and secure. 

  • The UV Dual Strike allows for treatment of air and surfaces, in a single unit.   

  • The UV Dual Strike works while people are present. The air can be continuously treated to a high degree, independent of heating and air conditions

  • The UV Dual Strike is designed for a very high rate single pass efficiency in the air mode,

  • The UV Dual Strike is mobile.

  • The UV Dual Strike has sensors and safety precautions in place to ensure operator safety. 

What are the electrical requirements:

The UV Dual Strike will work with your standard electrical outlet of 120 V.


The UV Dual Strike comes standard in our signature powder coated or anodized finishes.  

Custom colors / branding are available. You can contact our sales representative to learn more!


Due to demand, our current lead time is 4-6 weeks depending on customization. 



What is our competition:

- Harmful chemicals

- Contaminated air with UR UV-C

- Prohibitively expensive and less effective HVAC systems


CHEMICALS:  Many "health and safety solutions" utilize poisonous, harmful, and dangerous chemical solutions. Prolonged exposure can have serious implications for your health. There have already been thousands of more calls to poison control this year (compared with 2019) associated with disinfectants and cleaners.  Chemicals have not been approved for air treatment.   


UR-UV-C:  These units sanitize air above the breathing zone - air with contagious material, that has already been proven to fall must be lifted up, back through the breathing zone to be treated - exposing you as you sit in the recycled air. These machines do not even address the surface. 

HVAC-UV-C / FILTER SYSTEMS: While these systems can work, to operate correctly and not spread bacteria or virus to multiple rooms would require large expensive systems that only operate a fraction of the time.  This requires a large capital cost, increased operational costs and only operates a fraction of the time.


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